April 11, 2021

Niš Baklava

The Balkan Cookbook Niš Baklava   As a child, I used to visit auntie ‘O’ on St Nicholas’s Day—Santa Claus is my uncle’s patron saint. On this day over a thousand years ago my uncle’s […]

Slavonian Beef

Recipes from ’The Balkan Cookbook’   Slavonian beef with lettuce salad My mum swears she invented this recipe, and after failing to find any beef dish in any Balkan restaurant with exactly the same delicious […]

Tomato Salad Straight from the Balkans

The Balkan Cookbook Tomato salad Straight from the Balkans OK this is for me a standard side order when I am traveling through the Balkans in the summer. It is the perfect accompaniment to grilled […]

Adriatic Roast Potatoes

The Balkan Cookbook Roast potatoes This method of roasting potatoes is found all along the Adriatic and is a perfect partner for all grilled and roasted meats. Pecene Krompira — petch-en-ee crom-peer-ah 4 persons Pre-heat […]

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