March 19, 2019

Alt-J – A Recent Discovered Love

  As my preference in music varies from one month to the next, I always find it very difficult to answer the horrid question of favourite bands and genres. I would therefore not encourage anyone […]

Converse Block Party

  Pay day came and went and it was the same old story; bills and expenses, accounts, budgets and the inevitable austerity forecast is enough to rain on anyone’s parade! Which is why when Converse […]

Jason Mraz: an intimate showcase

Artists influence our lives and they don’t even know it. Most of all musicians. They can make us happy, sad, thoughtful, or really change us more deeply. That’s the case of Jason Mraz who influenced […]

The Black Keys with Band of Skulls

7/2/12 Manchester 02 Apollo   Band of Skulls – No nonsense, no crowd-pleasing.  No facades or fabrications.  No pyrotechnics.  Let the music speak for itself.  Kings of Leon with a female, quirky addition.  Dirty riffs.  […]

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