November 21, 2019

A Carnival of Things: the work of Samantha Donnelly

Samantha Donnelly’s sculptures bring together disparate materials to form delicate structures, which speak of accident, contradiction and transience at every turn. The everyday objects that intermingle in her work include building materials, beauty products, jewellery, […]

The Black Keys with Band of Skulls

7/2/12 Manchester 02 Apollo   Band of Skulls – No nonsense, no crowd-pleasing.  No facades or fabrications.  No pyrotechnics.  Let the music speak for itself.  Kings of Leon with a female, quirky addition.  Dirty riffs.  […]

‘Entitled’, at Curve, Leicester

Just – awe. That’s what I felt on seeing Susan and Darren, the Quarantine production which has haunted me since its first staging four years ago. That was all brought back to me this weekend […]