June 19, 2019

Friendly Fires @ Brixton Academy

Screw Jagger, I want the moves like Ed MacFarlane. The Friendly Fires frontman can certainly bust a groove; leaping, strutting and jiving around the Brixton Academy stage on Thursday night, MacFarlane’s unique style of ‘sexy-in-an-uncool-way’ […]

Liverpool Record Fair!

With a wary eye, furrowed brow, and contended hand I remove the outside world with one last clasp of my window. Vintage is rife… vintage is wrong. The novelty of fixed geared bikes, ill fitting […]

Black Rainbows

Black Rainbows is the much-awaited fourth album from Brett Anderson, which saw release in stores and online this week. This record sees the Suede frontman revert back to basics, and the difference is astounding. It […]

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