February 7, 2023

Banzai parachuting -chuck your parachute out of a plane. Jump out after it… #skydive

Is Banzai Parachuting the maddest sport ever invented? Is it real or an internet myth?

For those who don’t think that parachuting is dangerous enough it has been taken to a new level. Banzai parachuting, I have been led to believe involves:

1. Getting into a plane, reaching the required altitude and opening the door.

So far so normal, if you think throwing yourself out of planes is normal. 

2. Thowing your parachute out of the door and watching it disappear…

3. Jumping out of the plane and trying to catch up with your parachute.

Is this lunatic sounding sport actually real? Do people do this? It ought to be true, it’s on wikipedia…According to the internet, one Yasuhuiro Kubo invented the sport. It is said he waited 50 seconds watching his parachute disappear before jumping after it.

Proof, sort of:

There is video footage of Scott Plammer jumping out of a plane without a parachute…

So someone has actually jumped out of a place without a parachute, of their own volition. This is mad enough,but has anyone seen proof that the truly insane chuck-it-out-and-jump-out-after-it style of parachuting has ever actually taken place?

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