April 1, 2023

Cappuccino art – send us your photos! #coffee #barista

Cappuccino is the new artist’s drawing board!

The Flaneur is looking for all the different ways that you can design the froth on the top of your cappuccino. There are a host of great artists working in coffee foam today and we want to post YOURS! Whether it’s a perfect heart, an impressionist scene of boats on the Seine or an abstract mess, send us an image of it! We will be posting them in a gallery for all to ooh and ahh over.


Please send us your images to coffee@flaneur.me.uk, tag them #cappu2 on instagram or tweet @flaneurzine #cappu2 on Twitter. Add a comment about where you had it, your name and how you describe the art. By emailing or tagging you give us the right to use your submission.

Thanks very much and enjoy your coffee!

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