March 27, 2023

Christian faith will get you persecuted where? @OpenDoors #God #Religion

A couple of the issues faced by a Christian in the UK are cold churches and the weight gains of countless coffee mornings and scones with the vicar. There may be indifference from the general population but there is no active persecution of believers of any faith. In many countries though Christianity is seen as a real threat to the life of the nation. In fact there are more than 65 countries in the world where Christians are persecuted. WorldWatchList has a list of the fifty countries where their research shows that Christians are most persecuted. Until there is no persecution of anyone for their religious beliefs there is work to be done across the globe and through Open Doors they are working to this end.

The top ten countries for persecution of Christians are:

North Korea

North Korea has been top of the list for 11 years in a row. A communist country, it is anti-religion in all forms and Christians and people of other faiths face arrest, torture and even execution. Despite this there is an underground church

Saudi Arabia

In Saudi the whole population must follow the tenets of Islam. To convert to Christianity or another religion is punishable by death. Evangelising is illegal.


Government persecution has pushed the church underground. Christians are not allowed to meet in public. The Taliban is regaining power and has vowed to remove all Christians from the country.


Most Christians in Iraq have emigrated. Those that remain face killings and abductions.


This is a very strict Islamic country and Christians are unable to meet openly. In 2012 a new parliament gave hope for change, but the provisional constitution does not include any religious freedoms.


In the Maldives all citizens are required by law to be Muslim. It is illegal to convert to any other faith and any converts often have to emigrate.


Since the coup in 2012 the north of the country has been in the hands of Tuareg rebels who have established a harsh Islamic rule. Christians suffer great hostility in this area and most have fled.


Closely watched by the government Christians here are commonly detained. Converts from Islam face the death penalty, and it is illegal to publish scripture in Farsi.


Since the civil war many Christians have been abducted or killed. Tens of thousands of Christians have fled the country.


Evangelical churches were closed in 2002 and the authorities persecute non-traditional Christians. When they are arrested they are held in shipping containers, where 31 Christians are reported to have died.

Open Doors is a non-profit organization working in the most oppressive countries, providing Bibles and literature, media, leadership training, socio-economic development and ensuring prayer, presence and advocacy for Persecuted Christians.

You can see the whole list here.

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