April 1, 2023

Photos of Video Games needed for art project: Modern and retro #videogames

The Flaneur is looking for images of video games graphics from the oldest to the most up-to-date computers and consoles. If you play any game then we’d love to see a screen cap or photo of the graphics – please tweet them to @flaneurzine  or send them to gallery@flaneur.me.uk with GRAPHICS in the title. Please include the type of machine it is being played on and the approximate year the game dates from. If you have an old console or computer lying around please turn it on and send us a photo of one of the games you play or used to play on it.

Contemporary Wii, Playstation and Xbox are all wanted, as are Commodores, Mattels and all the other retro computers and consoles.

What games are we looking for? All of them!

We are looking for a chronological tour through the graphics of the world’s games. From early games like Pong through Ataris, BBCs and Spectrums to todays superbly animated examples. Whether it is from a console or a computer please take a photo and send it in.

What sort of image do we want?

We are looking for clear images. Screen caps are best, but a photo will often be good enough. MAke sure not to obscure any of the image with the flash.

Aim of the project:

We hope to make a graphical, chronological journey through the oldest retro consoles and home computers to the latest games machines. The meander through game art history will be both interesting and educational and your part will be vital. Depending on the number of images we get we will either create a short film, a gallery, an exhibition or a book. You can be part of it! All entrants will be recorded in the credits of any piece of work we create from the images. By entering your image you allow us to use it.

Many thanks for taking part.

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