July 12, 2024

Review: Raspberry, strawberry and loganberry infusion from @TwiningsTeaUK

Another red berry infusion from Twinings with, according to the packet, ‘a sweet juicy flavour’. Our panel of experts – me – have boldly poured boiling water onto the bag, left to infuse for a few minutes and settled down with a newspaper to sip away and report on our findings. Is it sweet? Is it juicy? Is it a good replacement for a morning coffee? Let’s us see…


There is a pleasant burst of strawberry on the nose as one lifts the cup to drink. At first taste the sweet strawberry remains in control, which is likely as it is the largest of the three named ingredients of the drink, being 10% of the recipe. However, like a boy band chorus every flavour soon steps forward. Although the difference between a loganberry and its raspberry cousin is not great enough to definitely say which flavour is which, together they bring a summery brio to the mouth. It is surprisingly sweet for a tisane! It does taste surprisingly juicy!

When many tisanes can be a bit meh, this is a nice surprise and is well worth trying.

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