December 7, 2023

The F1 season kicks off with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-28 car launch #F1

Ah, the roar of engines and the heady fumes of high performance fuel are almost back. The first race isn’t until March 17th in Australia but the teams have been busy with making this part lighter and that part longer and the whole thing go faster and we’re about to see what they have been working on. Winter is a busy time for F1 teams. There may be no races but the development and design go on even more frantically than normal. Today McLaren are introducing their new MP4-28 and this is the first glimpse that the world and the other teams will have of the car that they hope will power them to the F1 championship this year. Jenson Button and Sergio Perez will be there and the whole F1 shebang will start to wind up ready for the start of the season in 6 weeks.

Jenson arrived in a P1 McLaren Supercar prototype to great applause. The two drivers, new boy Segio Perez and Jenson Button in the latest McLaren overalls explained how they liked seeing the car come together over the last few weeks and the chemistry between them seemed good. Perez joshed with Jenson over their winter workload as they looked at the achievement of McLaren over fifty years. It is a motorsport company that has achieved great things on and off track.

As always at car launches the team hopes that more achievements are to come – the two drivers pulled the silk cover off the new car to show the car on a stand inclined towards the audience. A silver-grey slingshot with Lucozade emblazoned on the rear spoiler – it is always exciting to see a new car, although with a similar colour scheme to last year it is under the skin that the MP4-28 is very different. The regulations have not changed much so it is an evolution, but Jenson said it had changed enough to make a difference. The car won’t be driven until Tuesday, the next big day in the McLaren pre-season.

More details of the MP4-28 are available here

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