December 3, 2023

Why I love football – Tweet a photo of why you #LoveFootball

Why I love football

The Flaneur is looking for photos that sum up your answer to the question Why I love football. Whether you are a player or a fan, we want you to send us a photo that shows one aspect of why you love football. We know it’s impossible to sum up in one photo, but please tweet us a photo that shows one reason that you #LoveFootball

Tweet us your photo

To send us a photo just tweet

Why I love football photo for @flaneurzine #LoveFootball

and attach your photo. Please add a comment or tell us where it is from.

Or you can email it to with #LoveFootball in the title.

What sort of photos do we want?

Anything that says something about what you love about football. It could be the view from your seat or the touchline, your mates or the goal celebrations, a¬†match day pint, your footie scarf or lucky boots – whatever it is send a photo to us. If you’re a player it might be your shirt or your spot in the changing room. It might be the design you paint on your face or the pie you have at half time!

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 08.21.48
My lucky boots

Thanks for taking part in this project. Please spread the word amongst any football players and fans that you know and get them to tweet @flaneurzine with their pictures

By sending a photo you give us the right to use it. Depending on the number of photos we get we will either create a short film, book, exhibition or article. To follow the project and see the results follow @flaneurzine on Twitter.

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