December 3, 2023

Milk White in London!

photo by Marco Baroni
photo by Marco Baroni
photo by Marco Baroni

The Italian band Milk White is in town. Wanting to know more about it, we asked Stefania Imperatori – the solo guitarist – to answer a few questions.

Who are the Milk White?

Milk White is a band founded in the spring of 2007 by Erika Giuili, who started all out like a solo project. Two years and many gigs later, Erika and I met and I joined as main guitarist. After countless lineup changes we decided to work on our own with occasional help from other musicians and to take Milk White on a new direction.

Tell us about how your creative process works and where you take inspiration from.

Many songs were written by Erika in the past, we played it and I made my parts on the guitar. The newest ones are written together, usually Erika comes up with a starting line of guitar and lyrics and we begin with that, building the song, adding and writing the other parts. Our inspirations are many, we listen to a lot of music, not only rock. We try to keep our mind open looking to other forms of culture which can be art, fashion or just people’s everyday life.

‘Cigarettes crimes’ is your last album produced in collaboration with the Velvet. Can you tell us something more about it?

Yes it was recorded in 2010. So far from now! And so many things have changed in the meanwhile! But it has been so important for us, we learned how to work in a studio, and most importantly to see our songs from a different point of view. As a first record we were lucky to collaborate with Velvet, they’re professional and gave us all their knowledge and support.

You have collaborated with popular Italian musicians, toured around Italy, Belgium, Holland and France and won important contests such as Sotteranea and Red Bull Tour Bus Contest. At which point of your story are you now and what do you expect from London?

It’s like a new starting point now, but with a consciousness that we didn’t have before. We needed to look up at something different, new inspirations and new sounds. Here music is part of everyone’s life, people are more interested and concerts are always crowded. We want to measure our music with this.

What are your future plans? When we can listen to you live in London?

We’ll play on Friday 1st March at the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town Road, we’ll be the opening act for Cold In Berlin with The Males, come listen to us!

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