March 30, 2023

Over The Rainbow – The Eva Cassidy Story

Eva Cassidy

Venue: New Alexandra Theatre Birmingham

Date: 27th and 28th January 2012

Company: Theatre Productions Limited


Eva Cassidy

I have to admit that up until watching this musical, I did not know a lot about Eva Cassidy or her music. Throughout the production I learnt a lot about her early life, and her attempts at getting into the music business, before her very difficult battle with terminal cancer, which unfortunately ended her life at the very young age of 33. This musical told the story of her life through using a lot of her own songs, and other songs by well known artsits that shaped her life in some way. There is an even mix of singing and acting throughout, giving the audience a detailed insight into both what kind of person Cassidy was, but also of her musical inspirations.

Sarah Jane Buckley who played the role of Eva

The role of Eva was superbly played by Sarah Jane Buckley, who really was the star of the whole performance. There is a very small cast for the production, half of which make up the band which are on stage throughout. Due to this, the set for the performance was very limited, and a projection screen helped to transport the scene from a recording studio to a family picnic in the garden (although unfortunately there were a few techical difficulties on the nigt which caused a few problems with some of the projected images.)


Overall, the idea for the production and most of the cast were excellent in their roles,and even some of the scnes were unnaturally long, the audience were gven a few good account of the short musical life of Cassidy, and why, ater her death, her music became known and loved worldwide.

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