October 2, 2023

Portraits galore at the @Candidarts #selfie exhibition

The National Portrait Gallery is the usual port of call if you want to be inspired by portraiture, but until the 4th March you can get a more contemporary dose of portraits at the Candid Arts #selfie exhibition in Angel. An open exhibition of fifty works that range in quality and media, from digital prints to cast bronze.

Highlights include a doleful oil by Libby Dillon and Boo Wolf’s direct wide-brushed stare whilst Katy Clasby’s Bow-ker face adds some reflective fun. Also check out the #365lovenotestoself project by Kelise Franclemont.

Image 1


It’s a selling exhibition, so take a good pair of specs to identify the numbers on the tiny stickers by the pictures and you could walk away with something that might end up in the National Portrait Gallery.


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