January 19, 2022

The Laws of #Twicket – Twitter cricket explained

The Flaneur – The home of #Twicket

The rules of #Twicket are, in keeping with cricket itself, incredibly complicated and almost too much for one brain to comprehend. However like cricket #twicket is a long and exciting game of ebbs and flows, with many players all round the world taking part in each game. As with cricket in the nineteenth century the rules of #Twicket are still evolving. If you have a new idea to improve the laws of #Twicket just tweet them to @flaneurzine or email Twicket@flaneur.me.uk and if the #Twicket committee agrees they will be implemented in the next publication of The Laws of #Twicket.

We do not hope for #Twicket to be an Olympic sport. Our only aim for #Twicket is that children dream of one day playing #Twicket for their country, that #Twicketers will be transferred around the globe for huge sums of money, whilst grass-roots #Twicket enthusiasts reminisce about how it was in their day.

How often can you be in at the start of a whole new sport!

Law 1 The players

A match is played between any number of players anywhere in the world. To play there is no need to register. All players merely have to follow the #Twicket hashtag.

Law 2 The ball

The ball is a Tweet including the following information: a capital O and the hashtag #Twicket . It is allowed to add a link to these laws in order that new players may understand (in part) how to play.

Law 3 The bowling

A ball is bowled by pressing TWEET and releasing the tweet.

The Tweet must include the following information: a capital O and the hashtag #Twicket. A description of the ball you bowled may be included.

O #twicket a beautiful turning delivery pitching on middle and off. Almost unplayable.

There are more complex deliveries that will be explained later on.

Law 4 Scoring runs

The score shall be reckoned by runs.

A batsman plays the ball by Retweeting the tweet or by favouriting the tweet. Favouriting the tweet is a defensive measure and no runs can be scored.

The batsman is the first person to Retweet the tweet. By Retweeting the ball the batsman hits the ball into the field. Every time this retweet is retweeted then the batsman shall score one run.

However, if the retweet is tweeted back to the batsman with the addition of the hashtag #OUT then the bastman is out. The tweet may include more details of how the dismissal took place, eg:

#OUT #Twicket Stumped! You weren’t quick enough to get back in the crease.

Law 5 The Over

No bowler shall bowl more than 6 balls in a row at one batsman.

Law 6 The next man in

When one batsman has been dismissed the player to face the next ball is chosen by searching the #twicket hashtag for a tweet including the phrase:

#twicket #NextManIn

Any player who tweets such a tweet may face the next ball.

Law 7

Law 7 allows for the creation of more rules as and when it is realised that they are needed. New sports don’t swing into action fully formed…

Law 8

The game shall be over if no player bowls a new ball for over 24 hours. Or if the ball is lost.

Law 9

Drinks may be taken at any moment by tweeting #DRINKS #TWICKET

Luncheon and tea are taken in a similar manner.



#Twicket Quotes

‘Once i started playing #Twicket my life picked up and I could feel proud of my achievement’ Hornash Giue, #Twicket Champion 2012

‘I owe all my success to #Twicket,’ Ashley Jenkins

‘Without a doubt #Twicket has done more for this country than successive governments,’ Reginald Band

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