December 3, 2023

Auchentoshan single malt Scotch whisky – triple distilled! @TheAuchentoshan

This is a whisky that you suspect will hit the mark before you even taste it. After all it is triple distilled, matured for 12 years and from a distillery established in 1823. All the factors are there, it has pedigree. Auchentoshan means ‘the corner of the field’ in Gaelic and the distillery is one of only a handful of whisky producers in the Lowlands.


The 12 year old replaced the 10 year old that had been sold until 2008 and is an attractive golden honey colour. On the nose it is like walking into a patisserie in Vienna, an elegant old shop that sells pastries with almonds. The label mentions caramelised toffee and there is a hint of that in the mix.There’s a bit of heather there as well, although mainly it is sweet and nutty. The malt used is un-peated, but there is a slight sweet peaty taste that lingers in the mouth, helped by the triple distillation. Citrus notes abound, although it’s hard to spot the creme brulee of the tasting notes!

This is a smooth, malty whisky that can be enjoyed by beginners to the art of whisky drinking.

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