August 11, 2022

Berlin film collective Polacos: Fukushima video

A video haiku on the problems of assessing the facts concerning the Fukushima disaster. The piece was directed by the Berlin film collective Polacos, originally for the New York based artist DT.

Inspired by the geiger meter like textures of the song that it was directed to, the Polacos decided to destroy the idea of the music promotion format, and instead deal with the unresolved, and misrepresented reality of Fukushima. The piece features a sushi chef reassembling a Salmon fish, and is supplemented by headlines lifted from the first news broadcasts about the disaster?

DOUBLE TIGER / NO GIVE UP (Hydra Records 2012) from HYDRA Records on Vimeo.
The questions the duo are asking are:
What do these headlines mean?How has media sensationalism shaped the information we’ve received? What was the cause of the eventual media blackout? How much do we actually know about radiation ? About Hiroshima? Chernobyl?
How much of this information was framed by politics? How much of our preconceptions about radiation are based on facts? On the pro-nuclear lobby’s sources? Pop culture? How does Google filter this body of information?

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