May 28, 2023

Kony 2012 – Be informed

Come one, Come All.

Join me in this new found revelation. Today I came across a blog post of a friend of mine. I watched the video through and was left awestruck, with tears and a churning mind, about how the world we live in came to the pit of despair.

Normally, I am not one for politics. I despise the bridges of colliding thoughts and warring words, the state of prejudice to a race, country, or religion.

Why come out of my bubble of dreamy scenarios and the contemplative musings of my writing?

Today I was struck; the world now does not need sweet words of romance, or a beautifully crafted story, today what the world needs is a word, from each of us.

To stop.

Stop this state of defeat that has come upon humanity, the state of having nations triumph over others in no other way but with blood and violence. That is why I come back to my initial Idea.

To stop.

The video I watched today was a very enlightening one; it shed light on the evil and good in a nation, when we in our daily lives would dismiss it as an internal conflict of a third world country. It is not, well, not completely.

The country I speak of is Uganda. It is set in the heart of Africa, where the war is at its highest. I do not think I can introduce this conflict better than showing you the video itself.

Please take 30 minutes of your time to sit and watch this.

Kony 2012

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