June 6, 2023

The Power of a Pendulum Performance

If you’re that person who says ‘gigs aren’t my thing’, I know one band that will
change your mind in 30 seconds of coming on stage. This band is Pendulum. From
the moment they walk onto the stage – with their big band strut – they steal
the moment. They are one of the most breathtaking bands I have seen live – and
believe me, I’ve seen a lot! They create sounds that you can’t help but respond
to. It’s like your body has an infection which the drummer has control of.

Their mix of live instruments and added backing tracks may have some musicians
cursing them as cheats (though this is a whole other article). If you can move
past the addition of the laptop to their band, you will be treating your senses
to an array of electronic, bass and what I like to call ‘beefy’ sounds, which
is just what your ears have been searching to hear.

The atmosphere they create has everyone lifted off their feet, a sea of waves
bouncing up and down in unison, at the request of the front-man. This energetic
6-piece go out of their way and wear themselves down just to put on a good show
for their fans. They’ve come a long way over their career and still continue to
deliver with every new album they provide us with. Each tour brings more energy
and electric atmosphere than the previous so it’s exciting to see how they will
take their performances further into the future – personally, I’ve no idea how
they can better themselves.

When I saw them at Wembley Arena in May 2010, they blew my ears, brains and emotions
out into the arena, feeling the excitement of everyone else.  I was ecstatic through the whole set and my
mind (and ears) were still buzzing for hours afterward. Totally worth the
ticket price of nearly £30.

I’m still telling people now – nearly two years on – how amazing the night was and
how I cannot wait for the chance to see them again to see what they bring to
the table. If you only go to see one band this year, make it Pendulum. – I
promise you will not be disappointed. See you there?

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