November 29, 2021

Amateur film maker winning prizes: Luis Mieses and The Fixer

Bringing hope to all wannabee film makers and with no  formal film training, Conrad attempted to fulfill his dream of making movies for the first time at age 37. In 2011 he showcased his first short film, Avenger Love, as an amateur with a home (consumer) video camera. Soon, Conrad began to meet people who were dedicated to film. He received an invitation from a producer in the U.S. to participate in the Pray for Dawn Teaser Trailer Competition. August 2011, Mr. Mess premiered his second short film “The Fixer”  However, this time, he filmed it with his wife’s iPhone. He won The iPhone Film Festival in L.A., The iPhone Film Festival Singapore, was finalist in the OIFF, and in The Shortnonstop, competing with short films shot with “real cameras”.

After The Fixer, He had the oportunity to shoot his next Short film in Hollywood, “The Russian Roulette”, with Adi Spektor, whom he met thanks to Ruben Kasantsev, founder of the IPhone film festival. In January 2012 Conrad was invited to screen The Fixer and the teaser of his new movie “The Russian Roulette” and a Q&A at the MacWorld in San Francisco, along with other filmmakers as the Korean Wonsuk Chin.
Recently he has been awarded with the 9th Z-Kudos award by Steve Weiss, winner of an Emmy for “Filmfellas”.
Now he is editing his new movie “The Russian Roulette” and preparing the shot of his first TV ad, both shots on an iPhone.

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