February 9, 2023

BucketFeet – making contemporary art accessible with…shoes! @BucketFeet@OfficeShoes

BucketFeet are helping contemporary artists by giving their art a way to travel near and far, a dream the brand was founded upon. Artists now have the opportunity to bring their art to the masses thanks to co-founders Aaron Firestein and Raaja Nemani who first met in 2008 while volunteering with children in the slums of Argentina. In 2011 they joined creative forces and set on this journey together in order to create a brand that would support artists worldwide by producing comfortable, high quality shoes as a medium to spread art.

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“During our travels we realized that there were millions of talented people around the world, who didn’t get the exposure they deserved for their art,” Nemani said. “We wanted to change that so created BucketFeet as a platform to spread art and in the process create shoes that are original, that stand out, and do not follow the normal trends of most brands.”

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The UK launch of their Summer 2013 Global Colours Collection includes art from five international artists which perfectly encapsulates and expands BucketFeet’s ambition to bring wearable art to the world whilst delivering new and interesting shoes to the consumer.

BucketFeet’s mission is to find a different artist to design every shoe. Talented artists get the global exposure they deserve, and consumers get original shoes that stand out. The company provides payment for the art upfront, as well as royalties for each pair sold. BucketFeet hopes to inspire both artist and consumer to be inspired by each other.

Available at www.office.co.uk and selected stores nationwide RRP £45

BucketFeet are looking for their next artist – click here to enter

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