January 27, 2023

Finding the Invisible Show.

What guides us through an invisible show?

The cubes, which make up the Brian Griffiths’ show, seem to have an intrinsic comment about revelation due to their size and the fact they are covered.  And with anything ambiguous there is the invitation to question and therefore we are lead through the exhibition with the answers our inspiration brings us.

The notion of invisibility can be the practical implication of something not being visually accessible, or it can be the more abstract idea that something is overlooked.  Being seen and being admired seem to hold a powerful connection when it comes to the human condition.  We feel that when we are not valued, we are not seen; which, in a way, comes with an optimism since we are basically saying what is being rejected is what is not known.

The large scale of the cubes are almost daring one to notice them; but the colour is subtle as if it isn’t intentionally trying to obstruct, but that’s simply the way it is.

The folds of the fabric and some of the layout of the stitching, suggest there is some kind of system.  The pattern of a tailored suit goes through an established process.  However this structure has been manipulated for an alternative cause.

This kind of covering with fabric seems to allude to protection and this style of wrapping is often positioned in the same way for so long that it fades of becomes discoloured in relation to its position.  This fabric seems fresh.  Something is over because it requires covering, but it hasn’t begun to fulfill its purpose and therefore it hasn’t begun.

Perhaps the main element of the exhibition is mystery and the unknown and the presentation of something which, according to the title, is not exactly what we perceive.

4 Comments on Finding the Invisible Show.

  1. I visited Great Yarmouth once and had the unnerving realisation that everyone was looking though me. it was like being invisible.especially being used to how Londoners stare at each other. The notion of the invisible or purposefully hidden is fascinating

  2. Thats really interesting Graham! I think there is a sense of freedom about being somewhere where no one knows you and no one is looking. It can make you very focused on yourself or very aware of you surroundings.

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