May 28, 2023

Is it a car? Is it a sculpture?! MINI Kapoow! @miniuk

Anders Warming, Head of MINI Design, presents the MINI Paceman as a dynamic sculpture at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. In the two-part MINI KAPOOOW! installation the MINI Paceman – detached from the traditional design process – crosses the boundaries of space and undergoes a transformation of its materials and forms. During the Salone del Mobile from 09 – 14 April 2013, MINI KAPOOOW! @MINI Paceman Garage will act as a launch pad and platform for creative exchanges among artists and designers while offering a wide range of events.



The first phase of the installation presents the rear end of the MINI Paceman as a highly dynamic sculpture. It is seen as a real, chromed vehicle about to embark on its metamorphosis. The individual vehicle components seem to fly apart, the colourful threads emanating from it representing this highly energy-charged process. At the same time the MINI is “interwoven” into a greater context and connected with the people whose profiles are anticipated at the front end.



In the second phase the MINI Paceman crosses a boundary in the middle of the room. In this new dimension the vehicle abandons its original form and the front end becomes an idea made of paper, with only its contours now suggested. Through numerous bits of paper and coloured tabs the MINI Paceman materialises into a new physical representation. The use of paper symbolises the “prototyping” of a creative process and as such opens up the possibility of drawing on its two-dimensionality to represent a new three-dimensional sculpture.

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MINI KAPOOOW! @MINI Paceman Garage will be open to visitors of the Salone del Mobile from 09 to 14 April 2013 at Via Tortona 20, 20114 Milan.

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