January 27, 2023

Love photography? Enter indie Instagram exhibition #InstantlyPermanent in Shoreditch

Do you like taking photos? Are you active on Instagram? Then apply to be part of a new exhibition and interactive event in Shoreditch on 24th April organised by Marinella Li.

What is instant? What is permanent? And why do we use hashtags? For every photo we post on instagram, the instant would immediately become permanent. The exhibition, named “#Instantly Permanent”, aims at experimenting the interrelations of images between the virtual world (instagram) and the physical world (actual exhibition).

It is a platform for igers to show their works publicly, and to reflect our use of hashtags. #Instantly Permanent exhibition is dedicated to instagramers all over the world. It is not only a photo exhibition but also an interactive event for participants. It will be held on Apr24 (Thursday) at a gallery in Shoreditch (time and venue to be announced).


The theme of the photos should be “The Moment I want to Last Forever”. To enter simply hashtag your image #instantlypermanent


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