October 20, 2021

Short film – Learn about London’s electronic music sub-culture with @therigout #GoodmansSeries

A new short film from The Rig Out and Goodmans documents one facet of the ever-changing electronic music sub-culture in the capital. Titled, ‘Only One Choice in the City’, the film follows two emerging bedroom producers and aims to shed light on their creative processes and inspirations.

The film kicks off the ‘Goodmans Series’ – a series of creative collaborations designed to support the creative individuals who make up the DNA of modern British culture. Shot using a combination of different styles, cameras and aspect ratios, ‘Only One Choice in the City’ is formed of a series of cinematic set-pieces that reflect the tone and passion of both producers, their inspirations and their music. The result is sequence of stunning visuals and meticulously framed imagery to stimulate the senses and create a cinematic experience.


Organ Tapes and Soundbwoy Killah, two upcoming producers in East London who live and breathe the electronic music scene in the capital, are the focus of the short film. Shot in East London and at the architecturally brutal Thamesmead Estate, the film visualises the internal creative process and escapism of music making and draws on the sense of opportunities for musical creativity in the city today. The film closes with the emphasis on counterculture, camaraderie and passion for music.


As a creative collective that is closer to the heart of this underground scene than most, The Rig Out is well-placed to give an authentic insight into what it’s like to be at the forefront of music in London today. William Kennedy not only directed the film but is also deeply integrated and passionate for this burgeoning music scene, and his understanding of this is clearly depicted in the documentary.


William Kennedy says: “I’m a Londoner, born and raised, and I’m passionate about the ever-changing electronic music scene in this city. As a brand that fervently supports British creativity, Goodmans offered me the opportunity and freedom make this film. We wanted to shed light on two young London-based producers who are breaking new ground. Our film investigates what the musical landscape of this city has to offer young artists today and what they hope to give back.”


London has always been an incubator for new music and style throughout the ages. In a cultural climate that is more diverse than ever, with the ‘Goodmans Series’, Goodmans is will explore what British contemporary subcultures look like to those who are creating today, rather than focusing on the past.

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