March 31, 2023

Sign up today! The Campaign for Test Matches to last Ten days (TCTMTLTD)

Welcome to The Campaign for Test Matches to last Ten days. Please sign up to show your support for this vital new campaign.

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Who are we?
The Campaign for Test Matches to last Ten Days (from here on referred to with the easy-to-remember nickname “TCTMTLTD”) is a group of worried cricket lovers who have decided that enough is enough.

What do we stand for?
TCTMTLTD is a new and vital pressure group with the main aim of increasing the length of all test matches played in England and around the world to ten days. The very heart of English cricket is the endless standing around in a slightly damp atmosphere wondering if you should have worn a fourth jumper. The Test match is the peak of cricketing endeavour and for these marvellous spectacles to be limited to five days is quite frankly a travesty and an insult to all right-thinking Englishmen. And the odd Aussie.

Why is TCTMTLTD needed?
As though limited-over matches weren’t bad enough we now have the horror of what has become known as Twenty20. This for those who have not had the misfortune to see it involves ‘cricketers’ playing baseball on what looks like a cricket pitch. It has already caused several heart-attacks amongst our members and can only be described as utterly not right.

What can you do to help?
Join our pressure group. Write to Lords. Take a TCFTMTLTD banner to the cricket and wave it vigourously (but not enough to put the batsmen off. And don’t block anyone’s view. Only use a very small banner.) Wear a TCTMLTD T shirt under your shirt and tie. No one will be able to see it, but tell the stewards that you are wearing a TCTMTLTD T shirt and ask them to pass on this fact to the powers that be.

Spread the word
TCTMTLTD needs your help. Please Tweet about the campaign, tell your Facebook friends, tell your real friends and be part of this great stand for what is right, decent and proper. Let us all meet up on the first day of the first test of the first Ashes series of six ten day matches and celebrate our coming victory for common sense and, yes, it is not putting it too strongly to say the rights of man.

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