December 7, 2023

Faux control in a languid stirrup…

If I place a sheet of tracing paper over your skin
And join up your freckles like tonic bubbles in gin
Would it open a map that threw me a line
To an uncovered beauty I spotted that time?

You simmer and spread like wild smoke and mirrors
But you hide behind a rope that suffocates and withers
I saw you in a mole that spoke a thousand words
Hidden behind a screen that only played out in herds

I know you you know
And you know me too
Your eyes told me of a universe in lieu
I laughed at how synchronicity sauntered by
Winking and nudging at how closely we sigh
Entwined like mangroves but moving like cotton
Through the eye of a needle never touching the bottom
I could jump up now and force a timely eruption
But understand that if its not organic it mimics corruption

And I want you to be openly yours
Before being claimed by anyone’s shores
Even mine with their intensity and devotion
Become nothing more than a flimsy notion
If you are not in line with your true position
Then all I can do is adjust my attention

Lovers miss each other all the time
No one person is yours, nor mine
Its long sighted, requited and already ignited
So we made sure we separated the moment we united

The pressure of alignment when two souls interweave
Is clearly too consuming for the mind to conceive
So it bullies and forces the mouth to spit out
The untimely reaction buried in doubt
The heart lingers on whilst the liver slurs in pain
And the pulse regenerates as the nerves get caned
For an endless searching you’ve already obtained

So we listlessly amble like Lyle’s Golden syrup
With faux control in a languid stirrup
Running our courses with no intention to keep
For the safety of staying in a state of sleep
So sweet and bitter this sphere of¬† you’s and me’s
As we overlook perfection sitting right on our knees

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