December 5, 2021

Sparrows by Ali Abdolrezaei

After a Thousand and One Nights



a couple leave the house



swarm the alley

with their twitter

up to the bus stop

by the tree – swarmed

by tweet in tweet


On the cheek

spot on a beauty spot

the man

lands a kiss


To hide a show of tears

the woman

suddenly turns her head

blots out the blackening tears

off her cheeks

and turns back

to find no more sparrows

on the branches



by Ali Abdolrezaei

trans. Abol Froushan

Ali Abdolrezaei’s poetry shows that the contemporary art of Iran has been hugely influenced by the traumatic historic events of the last three decades and that these events have affected millions of Iranians in one way or another. Abdolrezaei is young and represents the aesthetics and voice of a new, multi-faceted generation of Iranians and their cultural chasm with the past in the face of a repressive political regime. Abdolrezaei gained reputation as a poet, speaking in the voice of his time, in the early 1990s and received wide critical attention. His poetry tackles difficult themes with a mastery of craft. Ali Abdolrezaei’s poems are translated into many languages such as English , French ,German , Spanish , Dutch ,Swedish ,Finnish ,Turkish, Portuguese ,Urdu , Croatian and Arabic.

2 Comments on Sparrows by Ali Abdolrezaei

  1. I read some poems written by Ali but this work is different.He usually writes long poem which are so thoughtful.

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