October 19, 2021

What to do at this weekend’s Coffee festival @LdnCoffeeFest

This weekend sees the world’s biggest celebration of coffee come to London. Here’s some of the highlights of what you can experience if you head to the Old Truman Brewery.


Witness the exciting action of Coffee Masters One of the most anticipated events at this year’s London Coffee Festival is the new Coffee Masters competition that celebrates the vital role of the barista in today’s coffee-focused society – twenty international baristas battling against each other in a series of knockout rounds designed to test their coffee-making skills to the limit.

Experience how coffee reacts under pressure with L’Accademia di Cimbali Unleash your inner coffee geek and discover the true science of espresso at L’Accademia di Cimbali. La Cimbali will present an interactive coffee experience that explores how coffee reacts under pressure to affect the often forgotten sweetness of coffee. La Cimbali M100 HD coffee machines will be programmed to deliver several pressure profiles so that visitors can compare how this changes coffee sweetness. Visitors will be provided with a coffee tasting score sheet to record their notes as they experience the effect pressure has on the taste of coffee.

Party on down at La Marzocco’s True Artisan Café Bringing artisan cafes and roasters together, The True Artisan Café is La Marzocco’s pop-up coffee shop party at The London Coffee Festival. Some of the best baristas from Europe’s leading coffee shops and roasters, including Notes, Horsham Coffee Roaster, Dear Green and Shoreditch Grind, will be taking over the three espresso bars of this pop-up café where you can explore the rich, vibrant and diverse coffee scene.

Get hands-on with the festival’s Lab programme Be inspired by world-class baristas, learn how to make your own cold brew and find out how to match your favourite coffee to its ideal chocolate partner. The festival’s Lab programme is perfect for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of coffee and its culture. Take part in a variety of brewing and tasting workshops, talks and seminars to discover more about coffee’s journey from crop to cup.

Create your own espresso blend Assembly are inviting you to replicate the collaboration’s own experience and create your own espresso blend by wet blending a selection of nine single origin coffees.

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