September 22, 2023

Help My Tiger My Timing make their next music video!

Preceding their forthcoming debut album, London quintet My Tiger My Timing release their next single ‘The Gold Rush’ on the 25th June through Snakes & Ladders.  To mark the occasion, the band wanted to do something a bit different, so they have decided to take a DIY approach to making the accompanying video for the single by asking friends and fans to contribute their own footage to the project to form part of a big collaborative montage.
MTMT want submissions to be as creative as possible, so you have two options:
– EITHER film yourself (or your band or your little sister or your cat) performing the song
– OR interpret the song visually in another way and capture this on camera, ie animation, dance, finger puppets, collage, tattoos…
You could think about themes surrounding GOLD, WINNING and LOSING, GAMBLING, SELF, FAITH (or lack thereof)…
You can hear the song and see the lyrics here:
All you need to do to get involved is contact the band at with your details and you’ll get a free download of the single, free entry to any show of your choice (excludes festivals) and a credit on the video.
Deadline for submissions is Friday 22nd June so get cracking!

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