December 2, 2023

How My Mother is Always Right

I haven’t posted for a while, for a number of reasons. The best, and most exciting one (the others being poor health and becoming surprisingly patriotic over the jubilee weekend) is that I have been busy with acting work.

Since graduating, most of what I have done has been profit share, or the odd paid day doing stuff for the NHS. For most of March and April, it felt like I was never going to work again. I had a number of short film auditions but wasn’t getting any, and hadn’t heard anything from my agent other than a general update stating how competitive it is to be a female in my age group.

Throughout this time, whenever I would upset or frustrated, my mum would tell me that when she graduated it took her until the next May before she got her first “proper” job. And its not that I didn’t believe her, I just thought you can’t really compare a “normal” job to acting work.

As often with my mum, she was emphatically right.

Come to the end of April, I suddenly have two auditions in one day. One of which is to start the following Monday as someone else in the cast had had to pull out. That evening I get the best voicemail ever telling me they’d like to offer me the part. Cue me running around like a headless chicken in my excitement and panic that I suddenly have to find somewhere to stay in London for a week.

So lets fast-forward to the following Wednesday. I have had 3 days as a proper, equity rate, paid actress. I don’t think I’ll care if I don’t get the other audition – and am definitely not expecting it as it did not go well. But, to my happy surprise apparently they “loved me”. I have ongoing work with them over the summer. Oh, and can I make a commercial audition tomorrow after rehearsal?

In the end, I couldn’t make the commercial audition, but I had, as my mum had told me I would, found my first “proper” job by the beginning of May. Just don’t tell her that she’s always right.

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