July 12, 2024

Pay for a hotel room with art?! The spirit of the Chelsea Hotel in Sweden

Inspired by the great Chelsea hotel in New York the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm has started a new programme – artists can pay for their room with a piece of art. The general manager’s father was one of the artists who stayed at the Chelsea and paid for his room with an artwork and Marcus Majewski has been inspired to offer a similar deal to artists in Sweden.

The original Chelsea hotel in New York was the home of many writers and artists over the years since its opening in 1884. These include Mark Twain, William S Burroughs, Dennis Hopper, Jimi Hendrix, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Willem de Kooning. Although it has recently closed for renovations, its importance is such that it has been a designated landmark since 1966.

The Clarion hotel in Stockholm has brought art to the forefront. Scandinavian artists were commissioned to make artworks for a permanent collection, and the hotel hosts changing contemporary exhibitions.

So how does the pay for a hotel room with art system work?

It’s very simple. The artist creates their work on an A4 sheet of paper. He or she signs it and hands it in at the hotel. In return they get a room. The offer is good for a double room for one night, and is a gesture towards the bohemianism of the Chelsea Hotel.

More details: here

Does anyone know of any other places in the world where art can be used like this? Please tell us in the comments below.

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