December 3, 2023

Planet Art iPhone app – get closer to the art world #planetart

The new Planet Art app from UBS is an interactive way to receive the latest, must-have news and information on what is happening in the art world. The app helps you access, sift and distil the vast amounts of information available about the contemporary art scene. Collating and organizing market stories, features and news into customized content streams focusing on specific artists, galleries, museums and locations, the app is an invaluable aid for anyone wishing to keep well-informed of news in the dynamic art world as it happens.


Recently launched on iPhone, the app allows an enhanced personalization of the content in a dedicated “My Stream” view, with data from thousands of artists, institutions, cities and events, thus presenting a tailored stream of art news and information to each user. First launched on iPad during Art Basel in Miami Beach in December 2014, Planet Art is the first and only app to collect and distill global news about contemporary art.

UBS developed Planet Art to provide its clients and the art world at large with a simple tool to navigate the growing and often fragmented landscape of art information available today.

Continuously updated, Planet Art features a simple and intuitive design, organizing key stories from a diverse range of news sources within three categories—News, Features and The Market, helping seasoned professionals and beginning art enthusiasts alike to digest and stay up-to-date on the most topical art world information.

Download from iTunes.

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