October 28, 2021

Easily buy theatre tickets on your phone with @TodaytixUK app

Yesterday I went to see Miss Saigon. Nothing unusual there you might think, except that I booked the tickets on my phone using a new app called TodayTix. Very easy to use, it even sends you a reminder a few hours before the show with a map of how to reach the theatre. With the Prince Edward on Old Compton Street that’s not really necessary, but with other theatres it would be very useful.

IMG 0681

You can download the app from the app store for Apple or from Google Play for Android. The first time you use it you have to sign up with your details, but after that booking tickets is a simple case of putting your feet up, flicking through the different shows available and choosing your seats.

TodayTix London iphone filter screenChoose your dates and type of show you want to see

Created by Broadway and West End producers the app also allows you to set an alert to tell you when sold-out shows release new tickets and lets you easily enter the daily ticket lottery for cheap day seats. As you would expect from an app named Todaytix, if you’re in town and suddenly fancy seeing a show you can book tickets for as soon as tonight.


TodayTix London iphone home screen

Example screen – just swipe down for more shows

TodayTix makes buying theatre tickets simple and stress-free.  Download it for free and give it a go.


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