January 29, 2022

Italian recipe: Spaghetti cacio&pepe

If you have been to Rome, you should know what I’m talking about. If you have walked in the pictoresque small streets in the centre, I’m sure your nostrils have been captured by the voluptuary smell of this recipe. If you never tasted it, you’re crazy!!!

It’s easy peasy and delicious at the same time. All the ingredient you need are already in the name:

Spaghetti (100 gr per person)

Cacio (pecorino romano or parmesan)

Pepe= black pepper

Once you have the cheese grated (it must be aboundant) you can put it in a bowl. Then you boil the spaghetti in salted water. When the pasta is ready (with “ready” I don’t mean a unshaped mush: pasta must ALWAYS be al dente, as we say in Italian, not raw but still nice and solid), put it in the bowl with some cooking water. Add a bit of olive oil black pepper (as much as you like) and mix it all quickly.

You should obtain a tasty parmesan (or pecorino) cream.



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