March 31, 2023

Jester Jacques Art Catches Up With Rob Burgess, Co Owner of 3rd Rail Clothing

Rob Burgess is a talented printmaker based in Bermondsey. Co owner and founder of 3rd Rail Clothing, this young artist possesses prowess of printing techniques, as well as incredible drawing skills. With a passion for tattoos and tattoo art, this entirely unique portrait draws on classic Flash tattoo. Using banners and text, a skull and highly detailed areas, Burgess commands the genre whilst making his own personal statement. Hand printed, this artwork is beautiful and one of a kind!

Jester Jacques Art met Burgess early in 2013 and fell in love with his tattoo style prints. They made one of his images into a large poster which was put up at Box Park, Shoreditch for a month; his work also sold at JJ’s Pop Up Shop there in February.












JJ caught up with the 3rd Rail Clothing Owner to talk ART, BUSINESS AND TATTOOS!

1. How did you get into art making? Was it part of your childhood?
To be honest i can’t remember a time when drawing or making didn’t form a large part of my life, my sister was always drawing which i think peaked my interest.  To a large extent it has shaped my education and career.

 2. Did you go to art uni? 

I did A levels and foundation in art and design and went on to do a furniture and product design degree.

 3. Give us a brief history of 3rd Rail Clothing please!
3rd Rail was born when i moved to London and joined forces with Ian (my business partner) 3 years ago.  Before that i had developed my own business through starting a label and building a screen print business initially as a means to bolster the creative side. Since then we decided we should combine a creative outlook with our knowledge and passion for print to help other independant and aspiring clothing labels with a tailored service.

 4. Do you only enjoy doing tattoo style artwork? What else do you enjoy drawing?

 I enjoy lots of styles of artwork and luckily get to deal with many during my work. I like to draw for myself and whatever I’m inspired by at the time, in the past i have gone through phases of designing furniture, classic car renderings, Bill Ward style charcoal and chalk drawings and any array of random t-shirt graphics.
5. Lastly, what’s coming up for you? (any cool projects)?
 I’m currently finishing up a couple of tattoo designs for friends but work projects tend to dominate my life these days and we have many of them in waiting.
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