March 31, 2023

The Bloomsbury Art Fair, 2012

5-8th July 2012

Nearest Tube: Russell Square

I went along to the Bloomsbury Art Fair on Sunday, and perhaps due to the weather, or maybe the ever increasing number of Art Fairs, it was very quiet. However, this allowed me to chat to many of the exhibitors and artists which was great!

Firstly the layout and venue, I found it quite hard to find, almost walking past despite the balloons, secondly although the quad garden is lovely and was beautifully arranged with sculptures and refreshment tents, as well as showcasing work from artists including Liz Armstrong, it was hard to work out where to go. I stumbled into the Great Hall, and was pleased to find it was part of it all! There were some great stands in there, notable The Art Collective, with the work of Lance Hewison really making an impact.

The courtyard garden had work displayed along the perimeter and the quirky Horsebox Gallery parked up. Clare Johnson and Orson Kartt stood out, both for the quality of work and their approachability and enthusiasm.

TAG Fine Arts were also there, showing the stunning work of Claire Brewster, whose map-birds are always a visual treat.

The fair is a good trip out, and suits anyone whose got a bit stored away for those art splurge moments. The standard of work overall was high and consistent. On the downside though, the location was really not very user friendly, and the signs showing visitors around could be massively improved!


Bloomsbury Art Fair 2012


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