January 25, 2022

THE FLANEUR ABROAD – University of Nottingham conference on the Flaneur

The Flaneur Abroad- International and Historical Perspectives on an Urban Archetype

A conference to warm the cockles of your heart in Nottingham. The Flaneur comes under the microscope, looking at the phenomenon outside its Paris heartland. The conference schedule is included below and examines modern sequels, contemporary echoes and historical antecedents.
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University of Nottingham 6/7 July 2012. Lecture Theatre A30, Lakeside [adjacent to Djanogly Art Gallery].



9.45 Introduction Richard Wrigley

10.00 Laurent Turcot 
The Rise of the Promeneur in 18th- century Paris
10.30 Christian Deuling
Early Forms of flânerie in the German Journal London und Paris (1798-1815)

11.20 COFFEE

11.50 Simon Lee 
Promenades in Enlightenment Madrid – The Tapestry Cartoon and new social spaces
12.20 Vanesa Rodríguez-Galindo 
A Patchwork of Effects: Streets, squares and visions of late 19th-century Madrid

1.15 LUNCH

2.00 Jo Briggs 
Lounge, Idle, Moon: Albert Smith’s Natural History of the Idler Upon Town, an adaptation of Parisian flânerie in 1840s London
Daniel Acke 
The Flâneur in Brussels: French and Belgian literary perspectives in counterpoint

3.20 TEA

3.50 Tatiana Senkevitch 
The Phantasmagoria of the City: Nikolai Gogol’s and Vasily Sadovnikov’s Nevsky Prospect
4.20 Claire Gheerardyn 
When Flâneurs Meet the Mythical Petersburgian Wanderer: Andrei Bely’s Fragmented Characters. 


9.30 Kevin C. Robbins 
The Graphic Anarchist Flâneur? Emigré Print Makers in Paris and Street Art as Radical Social Criticism in the New, Urban, Satirical Media of Globalizing Europe, 1900-1914.
10.00 Oliver O’Hanlon 
Le flâneur salarié: The case of French journalist Henri Béraud’s visits to Irish cities in 1920.

10.50 COFFEE

11.20 Kathrin Yacavone 
Parisian Arcades – Berlin Loggias: Walter Benjamin’s Child-Flâneur
11.50 Karla Huebner 
Prague Flânerie: Nezval and Štyrský

12.45 LUNCH

1.45 Alexander McCabe 
The Flâneur in the Fog: the recurrence of northern port-town landscapes in the peripatetic narratives of French existentialism.
2.15 Robert Adlington 
Without Tendency: Amsterdam, situationism and atonal music 

3.00 TEA

3.30 James Harvey-Davitt
The Subject of Chantal Akerman’s ‘News from Home’: on the political potential of the flâneur(se)
4.00 Claire Launchbury
The Beirut Flâneuses: Writing and the city in post-conflict Lebanon

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