September 22, 2023

Top Eleven Zurich Tips – Buy ten tips get one free. And the first ten are free as well.

Top Eleven Zurich tips

because 10 just aren’t enough

1. Buy a Zurich card and get 48 or 72 hours travel on tram, bus, rail, boat and cable car. You’ll also get free entrance to many of Zurich’s museums, 10% discount at some shops and culinary surprises at selected restaurants. Cards cost €20 for 24 hours and €40 for 72 hours. You can buy a card here and find out the museums that are covered here.

2. Climb the Uetliberg Mountain to the south of Zurich. Or if you’re not feeling quite that energetic, take the train virtually to the top. See the sledging track that runs all the way down the hill. Imagine having a local sledging track! Whilst you’re up there have lunch at the Uto Kulm restaurant with views over Lake Zurich.

3. Visit Europe’s oldest vegetarian restaurant. Hitl has been in business in Zurich since 1898.

4. Taste some real Swiss chocolate. Try Laderach on Barnhofstrasse or there’s a Sprungli at the airport if you accidentally eat all the gifts you’re taking home before you get on the plane. I know how it happens…

IMG 5456 flaneur

5. If it’s 2016 or 2019 or any subsequent third year, go to Zuri Fascht. Get round more easily by using streets further from the water – the river and lakeside roads get packed.

6. Drink at a fountain. There are over 1200 and many are works of art. Some even feature a special foot-level water fountain for dogs!

7. Get out on Lake Zurich. You can hire cadillac boats and pedalos, or try Standup paddling on Lake Zurich. It’s both not as easy as it looks and yet easier than you expect at the same time.

8. Window shop on Barnhofstrasse, the most expensive street in Europe and the third most expensive in the world after Fifth Avenue and Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay. Remember it used to be called ‘Ditch of the Frogs’.

9. Taste the local delicacy Zuricher Geschnetzeltes with rosti. It’s veal and mushrooms in a creamy sauce served with the largest rosti you’ve probably ever been handed. Buon Appetito

IMG 0235 flaneur

10. Try Rivella. It’s not a big bear it’s a Swiss drink. They tried to sell it in the UK but it didn’t take off. Tell us what you think.

IMG 5805 flaneur

11. Visit the well stocked Kunsthaus As well as Van Gogh and his mates there is a large collection of Giacometti and a good serving of Munch.

12. Finally, make sure you experience a badi-bar – swimming pools that turn into clubs at night. One that can be recommended is Rimini, on Am Schanzengraben.

Have fun!

The Flaneur travelled to Zurich as a guest of Zurich Tourism.

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