March 27, 2023

Appointment with The Wicker Man: Perfect Small Town Silliness for the Fringe

Appointment with The Wicker Man from The National Theatre of Scotland

Review by Jennifer Adam


 “Perfect silliness for the fringe”


Those who know me well won’t raise an eyebrow when I jump over drains on the pavement, won’t question why I say ‘Salt and Pepper’ after we’d walked opposite directions round a lamppost and would understand my look of sheer panic if ever I broke a mirror. God forbid…

In the theatre, certain productions, actors and even companies allow themselves to be dictated to by superstition, fearing that their bad luck could curse the production. It makes perfect sense then in Greg Hemphill and Donald McLeary’s stage version of 70s cult classic, The Wickerman that the repercussions of superstition and rituals carried out by characters in the script might echo across into a double narrative effecting those reading the lines.

 ‘All-about-the-fun’ amateur theatre company, The Loch Parry Players are rehearsing for their unique interpretation of Robin hardy’s The Wickerman – due to open the following day. After their main man mysteriously disappears, a professional actor from the mainland agrees to step in at the last moment. A comic twist within the parallel storylines allows the audience to see both perspectives, one with dark haunting undertones echoing those of the film, while the other almost mimics us for being taken in and believing that the fatal ending may actually occur.

Opening with the announcement that “today’s performance will see the part of Simon be played by Imogen the cockney choreographer” set the tone of the play instantly, with a few of us wondering whether or not that was actually part of the show. A cleverly moustached Imogen deserves special recognition for her last minute role change delivering almost perfect lines whilst carefully clutching her script. A well cast company with laugh a minute writing from Greg Hemphill and Donald McLeary, plus a powerful and erotic seduction scene (and vivid costume change) from Sally Reid that will take a very long time to banish from my memory…

Bringing this host of small town silliness to the capital city during its annual festival which regularly celebrates the weird and wonderful was a top decision by the National Theatre of Scotland.


Catch this show:

Every Afternoon (Excluding Mondays) at 15.10 at the Assembly Rooms on George Street, tickets £16/£12

 Or follow this link to see the trailer:

2 Comments on Appointment with The Wicker Man: Perfect Small Town Silliness for the Fringe

  1. Thanks for coming to check out the show, Jennifer! It really was an action packed preview performance with a brilliant turn from Imogeon. We hope we kicked your festival going off to a good start!

    If you fancy meeting the cast and getting to see some of these scenes with the fantastic Jimmy Chisholm back in his cravat, we’ve got a special event for bloggers coming up on Tuesday 7th August.

  2. Interesting topic! Thanks for sharing this information! I also like “Appointment with The Wicker Man: Perfect Small Town Silliness for the Fringe” for the title. Thank you for the article JAdam.

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