April 1, 2023

Call for Artists: Submit work to Android app Fine Art Gallery

The Flaneur has an exciting new fine art project – the Flaneur Fine Art Gallery Android App. If you have an Android device you can try the latest version of the Gallery app here: Contemporary art app. This is a curated art gallery displayed on Android phones and tablets around the world. As there are 850,000 Android devices activated daily this gallery has the potential to reach millions of art lovers around the world.

 Call for artists – free submissions:

Please read the instructions below and then submit your work.

We are starting off by showing group shows in this exciting new space.

Eligibility: All artists are eligible to enter work.

Deadline: Each new show will start approximately at the start of each month. The deadline for each is a week before the end of the previous month. Applications that miss a deadline will be considered for the next show to be curated.

Media – Images of work in all fine art media are eligible but the submission must be made as a jpeg image. The name must be all in lowercase, with only letters and numbers, with no spaces or non-alphabetical characters. THIS IS IMPORTANT! IF YOU DO NOT LABEL YOUR WORK CORRECTLY IT MAY NOT BE CONSIDERED. Please name each image with its exact name and your name. This makes a long name but means images are not confused.

Size: Aim for a jpeg with a lefthand side measurement of around 1000px.

Number of entries: Every artist can enter three images. These must be sent attached to one email.

Entry fee: We are not charging an entry fee at this time.

Contact: gallery@flaneur.me.uk


Send an email to gallery@flaneur.me.uk with ANDROID APP GALLERY in the title and:

a) Your entry jpeg

b) An ‘about the artist’ sentence. Please stick to one sentence that starts with your name . For example: Fred Havenstock paints pictures of chairs in hotel dining rooms.

Thanks. This is an exciting project. Be part of a cutting edge fine art project.

Try the latest version of the Gallery app here: Contemporary art app

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