July 12, 2024

Cultivate Evolved Vyner Street: 3rd birthday exhibition coming soon @CVSgallery

Cultivate first burst in to life on a dramatic First Thursday back in September 2011. We took on the space on the Wednesday, put an artist call out that night, got the keys at 3pm on the Thursday afternoon, cleared the space out (old beds and all kinds of clutter) and somehow opened a gallery five minutes late at 6.05pm .


It was a brilliant night, an exciting night, artists coming together and making something happen. Three years later, against all the odds, we’re still here and preparing for out 37th in a run of unbroken First Thursday evenings. That’s right, we’ve been there, smack bang in the middle of Vyner Street with our door wide open, our lights full on and our signs outside for every single First Thursday since that manic September three years ago.

Of course it isn’t all about First Thursday evening, far from it, but it does bookend things neatly in terms of us being there and being three and magic numbers and as regular visitors know, we are all about book-ended neatness and the order of things like pristinely printed artists statements here on our always formal and by-the-book shipshapely curated corner.

On September First Thursday in 2014 you will (hopefully) find a messy gallery space as alive with exciting art and diy attitude as it always is, a place fizzing with a combination of colours, shapes, textures and contradictions from our current in-house artists and a selection of invited guest artists.

Artists featured in the We Are Three show include EMMA HARVEY, MATHEW TUDOR, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT, M.O.B, ZOE CROSSE, SEAN WORRALL, plus guests AGATA CORDOSA, PIKY, ROMEN GOUVEIA and a few special surprises….

Three years of non-stops shows, non-stop art, non-stop artists, always being open and doing it on our terms. Three years of giving space to artists and watching them grow, some quite significantly…

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