February 4, 2023

Getting Plays Produced in London

One of the oldest theatrical venues in London. Attached pub is favorite haunt of celebs such as JUDE LAW and the Cast of GAME OF THRONES.

The Old Red Lion shot me down. Thought I had a chance there. Ditto for two others. I did get it into a theatre in Ireland, at least for a reading, but only after saying I had Irish blood. The good news however is a London-based magazine may be interested in publishing a shorter play that was inspired by the Marat/Sade. I suppose the advice I have for aspiring playwrights is not to stand around like a shooting range target but to keep moving. I am. Heading to Helsinki soon to start a Writer Residency, which includes lectures there and in Stockholm. The pay’s lousy but hey, I get to travel and that’s always a bonus for the creative mind. Oh! I forgot to tell you what my play’s about. It’s set in the Deep South and has echoes of STREETCAR, a sort of homage to Tennessee Williams. Perhaps London is not ready for an Opening Night featuring a type of 21st Century Stanley? Will try and write from Finland and Stockholm. No promises.

Hyvästi nyt ja mielellään syyskuu!

4 Comments on Getting Plays Produced in London

  1. Stay with it Sir Kirby. You shall prevail! BTW, I’ve been reading a lot about the civil war. I’d love to read your play! Aloha nui loa.

  2. You need (and deserve to have) your “Glass Menagerie.” That what pulled Tennessee into visibility and led to a few years of success (before people decided his plays were getting too “strange”). Maybe the magic was in the initials (GM) or the word Glass. Try something like that.

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