June 6, 2023

Help Bruce Munro create a Field of Light at Uluru, Ayers Rock

Bruce Munro is a British light artist who currently has a successful exhibition running at the Longwood gardens in Pennsylvannia. One of the pieces on display is a Field of Light – the inspiration for which came years ago when he was living in Australia. This Field of Light has 11,000 stems of light and creates an atmosphere of magival illumination.

Bruce is now planning an ambitious project to create a Field of Light back in the land where he was first inspired. This will be the biggest piece of work he has undertaken and will need 250,000 stems. He is asking art lovers around the world to contribute to the cost of this exciting piece of work.  Each stem of light costs £12 and everyone is asked to consider contributing. This is a huge undertaking that will create a unique and thrilling artwork. To give an idea of the scale of this art, it will cover an area equivalent to one square kilometre and use over 3000 kilometres of optical fibre. It will take around five weeks to install and will remain on display in Uluru near Ayers Rock for seven months.

The artist is well aware that this land is of vital importance to the local Anangu people and is working on a design that will make the artwork self-sufficient. ‘Deserts have many incongruities,’ says Bruce. ‘They are barren until it rains, and then they bloom like a veritable Eden. The Field of Light, like the dormant seed in a dry desert, quietly waits until darkness falls and then under a blazing blanket of southern stars it blooms with gentle rhythms of light.’

Stems can be contributed for individually or in bouquets of up to 100. Each donation helps bring the Field of Light nearer to existence.

Please visit this page to help out by buying a stem.

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