March 21, 2023

How do you repair a bad day? by Daniela Palimariu

First of all, you try not to make other people feel like they are having a bad day as well. They already have enough bad days of their own.
Then, I realised that for me it works to repair things, to clean, to put some things in order; all the small tasks that I am postponing when I have real work to do, in a good day.
For example, cleaning and trimming some herb pots that look too savage, doing and folding laundry works great, cleaning windows gives you an immediate satisfaction because of the instant result, etc.

Another thing that works for me is crawling into a small space where you know you can’t be seen, preferably without wearing shoes and socks, or even better in some sort of pyjamas.
For this exact purpose I created the NAP NEST. It is a nest at your workplace that you – and anyone – can make for yourself rather easily. For people that have a desk it is easiest, but with an open eye I’m sure anyone can adapt it to their situation.
If you have a desk, first you need to move it towards a corner so that you have 2 sides already taken care of.
You then only have to cover 2 open sides left with either 2 wooden boards or a curtain – like fabric.

In the case of the wooden boards, you also have to cut two holes on the side where you keep your legs, so that you can easily slide them inside and avoid an uncomfortable position. You also have to carve a larger hole on the other side, for sliding your whole body inside. You can make this one rather small at first, and try carving it bigger with your body each time you slide inside.

In the case of the curtain you don’t have to do anything else. The fabric will permit all legs’ movements.

As you slide in your NAP NEST to take a break from everything and especially from everyone, make sure that nobody notices. Once you are safe inside, make up some rules and change them as you please. Most of the times I have a snack, but sometimes I fall into a real sleep, with dreams.

I personally would say that some sort of duvet (on the floor), a soft blanket (for covering yourself) and a pillow are absolutely necessary. You should also think of a source of heat or floor insulation, depending on your space.

Once you are inside, you can think of what space arrangements would work best for you. Some people prefer to fill their NAP NEST with accessories such as shelves for books, another shelf for treats, mini DVD players and screens, portable radios, desk lamps, herb pots, radiators. Other people treat the NAP NEST as a Zen space, devoid of objects, colours, sounds and all the other sources that, most of the time, distract our inner peace.

by Daniela Palimariu

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