April 1, 2023

iphone art exhibition

Download your free copy from the app store https://bit.ly/mobileart

Art exhibitions are no longer restricted to the lush silk walls of municipal museums or the white cubes of contemporary galleries. Beaches, fences and caravans have all recently hosted artworks around the UK, as have used car salesrooms, council flats and disused shops. But all these new locations still require the viewer to physically visit the art. Now, thanks to accessible mobile technology it is possible to take the art to the viewer. With an art space that exists on a mobile device people can look at exhibitions wherever they are in the world. The Flaneur recently organised the world’s first indie art group exhibition to be shown exclusively on mobile devices. Work was submitted from all around the world and can still be seen in the mobile app downloadable from the Apple app store. The exhibition features an international selection of artists and has been downloaded and viewed by people all around the world. The first exhibition included over 30 works by 17 artists. The delicate life drawings of Sonya Rothwell took an unorthodox viewpoint, squeezing the figure into the frame and inducing feelings of claustrophobia and uncertainty. Ben Mosley’s football paintings pro- vided a timely reminder that 1966 remains to many England’s greatest triumph and not just in football. Thomas C. Chung’s witty, reductive images brought the clean lines of Flash animation to the fine art wall whilst Karen Wallis’ cool still lifes represented a traditional artistic endeavour that is stronger than ever. Combined with Galit Brener’s experimental images, Vincenzo Pandolfi’s political work and many other interesting and inspiring works the exhibition has included work from a broad spectrum of contemporary artistic practice. Showing work on the iPhone has been very successful. Viewers can immerse themselves in an art gallery on the tube or waiting at the post office.You can view the exhibition on the top of Everest if you like, although you’d probably have other things on your mind. As the gallery is a downloadable app there is no need for internet access, no closing time and no security guards nattering in the background. If you want to download the gallery to your iPhone please search the app store for Flaneur and follow the links. The show can also be seen online at www.flaneur.me.uk.

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