December 5, 2022

Liquid raisins – A staggeringly sticky snappy stunner

Bodegas Hidalgo was founded in 1792, so they’ve had time to perfect the art of wine-making and with this bottle they are at the top of their game. If it wasn’t for the fact that it is 17%, I would recommend disconnecting your water supply and living on this alone. With maybe a few peanuts for protein.

From the moment the dark black liquid uncurls into your crystal glass you know you have found the dessert wine of your dreams. The clever bods who make this nectar leave the pedro ximénez grapes out in the sun to dry, so it is one of the world’s few raisin wines. No wonder this baby has won so many international awards.

If you could legally adopt wines I’d already be at the orphanage making enquiries. This is the darkest, richest, sweetest wine I have tasted since I took on the post of chief wine correspondent. It might look a little like the results of an over-due oil change, but it smells of Iberian summers and tastes of tea-time in Heaven.
Highly recommended. ******(Yes that’s 6 out of a possible 5)

2 Comments on Liquid raisins – A staggeringly sticky snappy stunner

  1. Very sticky and unctuous and has a habit of finding any little holes in your teeth. The only product of the sherry region I would happily drink everyday.

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