January 27, 2023

Mirrors of the soul: #Refugee photography exhibition at Munich Airport @MUC_Airport

Travelling to Germany this summer? check out Italian artist Marco Pejrolo’s new exhibition  at Munich airport. We’re told that the face is a mirror of the soul. It reveals what defines a person — the memories and experiences, fears and longings. Like most photographers Pejrolo attempts to capture this in his pictures. For his exhibition “Spiegel der Seele (Mirrors of the soul)”, which is now making a stop at Munich Airport, he took portraits of 47 refugees. In his black and white photographs, which capture the faces in incredible detail, Pejrolo has reduced the subjects to what is essential — their humanity.

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The exhibition attempts to bring about an interaction between the viewer and the exhibited photographs. Visitors are offered neither names nor back stories for the large-format portraits of refugees. Instead they can write down their own thoughts about each of the black and white photos. “In this way, I want the viewer to enter into contact with the subjects,’ said Petrol. ‘In our everyday lives, for example when we meet a person in the subway, we also have no information about them. But we don’t need any information to get into a conversation.”

The photo exhibition “Spiegel der Seele (Mirrors of the soul)” will be presented in the check-in hall in the south departures area of Terminal 2 until August 27

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