January 23, 2022

On the Way to Welcome Market, Hong Kong

On the Way to Welcome Market, Hong Kong
I wobble with Bell’s palsy,

Face paralyzed stumbling along

Oxford Street in Kowloon Tong.

Patch over unblinking eye.


Fog devours the emerald ridge

Separating us from New Territory.

Shadows fall backwards, kuroko my steps.

Sun rises where it should set.


A white cat sleeps in the gutter.

I pass gloss-black gates

Embossed with dragons.

Girl jogs by tugging a pug.


The top half of Mao’s face

Peers over a balcony on Renfrew Road.

The PLA barracks are deserted.

Fence surrounds the invisible army.


A jun ren standing in a box

Shifts rifle from right shoulder to left.

Woman in pants and pandanus hat

Rakes the empty lawn.

kuroko: stagehands in kabuki theatre dressed in black

jun ren: soldier

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  1. interesting cityscape w/this hong kong district apparently split in half by a former Brit barracks turned PLA and now deserted; the bell’s palsy is to the narrator as the barracks are to the city–a grotesque reminder of foreign occupation–both British and China having control of the military outpost

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