July 12, 2024

Portraiture on an epic scale – watch a new mural develop at Tron Kirk: #Edfringe

During the Edinburgh Fringe the Tron Kirk is the location for a fine art performance, as a new mural is painted during the day by artist Christopher Rutterford. By the end of the the festival the completed mural will be 50 feet long and a stunning record of the 2013 fringe festival.

Photo 3

Artist Christopher Rutterford (in the red top hat!) working in the Tron Kirk

Rutterford is a fine artist, illustrator and muralist. He is bringing fine art out of the studio and into the public space, working amongst the fringe audience who are watching the musicians at the Tron Kirk. Working in public brings its own pressures, especially when creating  

Rutterford mural

Mural close up

a huge crowd scene. Each portrait is of an individual who has been into the venue whilst the festival has been on, mostly the subjects approaching him and asking if they can be in his work. Averaging 15 large portraits a day, as well as several smaller ones, when the mural is complete there will be around 500 unique characters represented. This is portraiture on a massive scale, that really shows what is possible with skill, patience and a lot of acrylic paint. I don’t know if the National Portrait gallery has a size limit, but it would be good to see the whole mural winning prizes in next year’s BP Portrait Award.

Tron Kirk

High Street


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